About WellIC

WellIC.com (Wellpoint Electronics Co., Limited) one of the leading independent distributors for semiconductors, electronic components and Computer Products. We supply OEM’s and contract manufacturers, as well as distributors throughout the world with state of the art, allocated and hard-to-find semiconductors and integrated circuits.

WellIC.com stocks a broad line of devices and we source millions of products through our expansive vendor relationships. With an international network of over 200 suppliers including only Manufacturers and Franchised Distributors and a daily updated database containing detailed information on over two million components, we provide you with extensive information that enables us to offer a variety of different products to meet you needs.

Quality Commitment

We source only from Manufacturers and Franchised Distributors, and all our products are 100% orginal new parts. For the last 8 years, we kept zero defects for our major customers. Our promise for quanlity is one-year gurantee for any parts we supplied.

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